The Back Fix – The Back Fix



How to Beat The World’s #1 Disability

by Antony Bush

Why is back pain the world’s biggest disability?

Why aren’t the fixes we buy working?

What are the best exercises or activities for back pain?

Learn the 10 Back Facts we all should know about our backs.

The answer lies not within medication, repeat ‘treatments’ or surgery. It lies deeply rooted within our lifestyle and behaviour – in the way we behave as an animal.

Movement is medicine – it is the missing link – the active ingredient in treating our back pain – whether highly-trained elite athletes, sedentary office workers or manual labourers.

Learn how to tailor your lifestyle to achieve your back pain goals. Use movement and mindfulness as a way back to enjoying a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and self-empowered life.

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From the Author Antony Bush

Dip. Physio; Dip. Manip Physio; PG Dip. Exercise Physiology; MBA

This book is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ for all back pain sufferers. It is for those who are distressed and lost amongst the confusing plethora of ‘treatment’ options in the modern marketplace.

The aim is to clear a pathway through the tangled jungle of fast-fix claims and snake oil remedies. To help you manage your back pain as simply and quickly as possible. To answer the question: ‘Where is my back pain coming from and what can I do to fix it myself?’ To show you how to become the central protagonist in the story of your own recovery.

We’ve tried to lay out this book as simply as possible, with as many infographics as we can, so you can pick it up at any point, have a quick glance and learn something useful. We repeat and re-emphasize important points. But the central aim is this: to get you feeling and functioning well, to give you the knowledge and understanding, to enable and empower you to manage your back pain yourself.

The simple fact is you are your own best treatment.Without doubt, the best practitioner to fix your back pain is you.


Everyone with low back pain should read this. A great tool; I highly recommend it.

Dr Kris Dalzell
Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon

Simple advice, easy to follow.

Alanna Antcliff
Sports Physiotherapist, Australian Diamonds Netball Team 2013

Instructive, positive and reassuring.

Dr Celeste Geertsema
Sports Physician & Winter Olympic Team Doctor 2006

An excellent breakdown of low back pain and how to self-manage it.

Dr Susie Marsh
General Practitioner

As a doctor with chronic back pain I found this very useful.

Dr Adrian Gamble
General Practitioner

Helpful and Informative.

Andrew Ryan
Sports Physiotherapist, Australian Wallabies Rugby Team

A useful and practical first stop for low back pain sufferers.

Dr Liesel Geersema
Sports Physician & Winter Olympic Team Doctor 2006

Invaluable advice and exercises for all low back pain sufferers.

Claudia Riegler
Triple Olympian & World Cup Champion

An essential guide to low back pain management.

Virginia Rutledge
Manipulative Physiotherapist, 6 x Winter Olympic Team Sports Physiotherapist

Big Picture Thinking

The most effective way to beat low back pain involves a paradigm shift on the part of both the patient and health-practitioner; because it's not what's done to you that’s important - it's what you learn to do for yourself that gets results.

The Back Fix contains simple and effective strategies to help you get fast, lasting results; where the aim is not just to resolve your symptoms, but to help you understand the cause of your problem so that you never have to see anyone for the same injury again - a solution, not just a band aid.



Learn How to Move Past Your Back Pain

  • The 10 Back Facts We All Should Know.
  • Bad Scans Don't Mean Bad Pain.
  • What's the Real Cause of My Back Pain?
  • What's the Best Treatment?
  • Common Myths & Misconceptions
  • That Little Thing Called Lifestyle
  • Learning to be more Animalistic
  • The Secret to a Happy Spine
  • The ‘Big Six’ Back Exercises
  • Wanderlust - The Joy of Walking
  • The Importance of Mood & Thought Processes




Fact 4

Scans Rarely Show the Cause of Back Pain

‘...they don’t predict how much pain you feel or how disabled you are. Scans can also change, and most disc prolapses shrink over time.’

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Fact 5

Pain With Exercise & Movement Doesn’t Mean You Are Doing Harm.

‘The pain you feel during movement and activities reflects how sensitive your structures are - not how damaged you are.’

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Fact 10

Injections, Surgery & Strong Drugs Usually Aren’t a Cure.

‘They come with risks and can have unhelpful side effects. Finding low-risk ways to put you in control of your pain is the key.’

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The Back Fix

It’s Simple

It’s Simple

Unfortunately many health professionals tend to over complicate back pain and throw confusing technical terms at their patients. We’ve made it simple.
Mind Set

Mind Set

Some people are overly fearful of low back pain and in fact your emotional state plays a huge part in your experience of low back pain and in your recovery.
Move Past Your Pain

Move Past Your Pain

The best posture is the next posture. We all need to take a starring role in our own action movie. Functional strength, movement, load and rest – all these things matter.